Counseling Services

Individual Therapy
One-on-one therapy is available for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety and depression as a result of life challenges and personal problems.  A variety of therapies are available for children from early school age through adolescence.  For each person, out goals include improved functioning in daily  life, self-awareness and confidence.

Play Therapy
Available in Marquette and Escanaba offices. Allows children as young as 3 years of age to be able to communicate their feelings in a safe environment. Useful in cases of trauma or loss. Also effective for adolescents and adults.

Marriage Counseling
For married couples two forms of relationship work are offered:  individual couple sessions and/or couple enhancement groups.  Efforts are made to build upon each person’s unique gifts, enhance communication and develop improved emotional awareness.

Family Counseling
Family counseling is available for any family experiencing stress regarding dual careers, parenting issues, losses and grieving, emotional or physical abuse, and problems concerning substance abuse.  Family dynamics and communication styles are reviewed and patterns of communication, conflict resolution and respect are explored.

Pregnancy Counseling
We encourage birthparents who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to take advantage of the support an agency can offer.  We help birthparents to look at their options and assist them in exploring other resources.  We invite all birthparents to be a part of our program, not just those looking at an adoption option.  There is no charge for this service.

Post-Abortion Counseling
Counseling is offered to those who are experiencing grief and loss issues following an abortion or miscarriage.

Grief Counseling
Counseling and support are offered for individuals who are grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Problem Gambling Counseling
Counseling is offered to individuals, and their families, who are exhibiting symptoms of a pathological gambler.  Counseling is also offered for individuals, and their families, who have problems with gambling, but do not yet meet the criteria for pathological gambling.

Substance Abuse Counseling
Substance abuse counseling and treatment services are available for persons experiencing symptoms of alcohol and or drug abuse.  Counseling is offered for individuals and their families who have problems with substance abuse.

Programs Offered

Adolescent Substance Abuse Services
Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula will soon offer an intense outpatient substance abuse program aimed at children between the ages of 11-15 and their families. If you believe that your child may be using one or more substances, call our Marquette office to register. More information will be available soon.

Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula offers the option of an open adoptive placement.  Screening and counseling are given to both the birthparents and prospective  adoptive couples.  Birthparents choose their adoptive family and, hopefully, a lifelong relationship is established between the birthparents, the adoptive family and their child.

Adoption Home Studies
Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula also works with families who need a home study for an independent or international adoption.  We facilitate MARE adoptions, which places children who are available for adoption from Michigan’s foster care system in adoptive homes.

Strengthening Families Program
This is a 10 session program for families who have been impacted by substance abuse, which helps to improve communication and coping.  Many times family relationships have been damaged or broken by addiction.  This program allows for parents and children (and grandparents where possible) to come together to improve communication and work as a family unit. Babysitting is available for the little ones and dinner is provided at our meetings!  Join us for a new start!

Shoplifter’s Program (Marquette, Delta and Dickinson Counties)
Offers group counseling for shoplifters referred by the court.

Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula is supported by:bUpper Peninsula Catholic Services Appeal Legacy of Faith and several United Way Agencies

Other funding for our services comes from Family Independence Agency, Courts, UPCAP and from the generosity of corporate grants, service clubs, donations and private contributions.

Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula participates with most insurances, as well as participates in the Upper Peninsula Health Plan. There is no charge to the client for pregnancy counseling services and we do not refuse service to anyone because of an inability to pay.