Are You Interested in Becoming a Licensed Foster Care Provider?

Currently there is a high demand for homes that will accommodate and be made accessible for:
SIBLING GROUPS: Because keeping families – sisters and brothers – together is such an important part of child development.  We need homes with the space and room in their hearts for the possibility of being placed with 2… 3… 4 children at one time.  Child welfare workers work extra hard to keep siblings together, and CSSUP is calling on our U.P. community to help us make this possible! 
OLDER CHILDREN: Those especially feeling lost and forgotten.  The older children placed in foster care are often our most vulnerable.  We need homes willing to finally be that stable, safe place they need for them to grow and develop.
If you are willing to take that big step to help a member of your community in need, please contact: Neena Brunngraeber, (906) 828-5003 or

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