Catholic Social Services of the U.P. has implemented precautionary measures listed below to ensure we comply with state and federal guidelines.
1. Offer telephone therapy (approved insurances: Medicare, UPHP/Medicaid) and/or video telehealth option (NorthCare, BCBS) to continue services. Use of Audio (Telephone) and/or Video Telehealth Counseling Services Policy is posted in the waiting room.
2. No new clients will be accepted during this crisis.
3. All surfaces are being sanitized throughout the day. Therapists are disinfecting their offices between client visits.
4. Practicing social distancing.
5. Employees are screened for illness prior to the start day.
6. Upon client arrival, temperature will be taken and the following questions will be asked to clients on their arrival:
 Have you had a fever, a cough, or a rash within the last 14 days?
 Have you traveled outside of the country or have had been in contact with someone who has traveled?
If you have a temperature or answer yes to any one the questions above, telephone therapy is offered to client (if insurance approves) or reschedule appointment.