Council On Accreditation (COA) Re-Accredits CSSUP Programs through the year 2022

The staff spent the last several months preparing and submitting the evidence about the organization prior to the visit by the Accreditation team. Detailed descriptions of all of our programs, personnel, practices, policies and procedures were submitted a month prior to the visit. The information submitted was called the self-study evidence. The preparation for re-accreditation process was extensive. The accreditation process culminated with a series of on-site inspections and interviews which were conducted in November 2018.  The on-site review team revealed that CSSUP is a very strong organization that has experienced significant change over the past few years. The organization is made of people who are clearly committed to providing a valuable and rewarding service to their clients. The organization is also very innovative and demonstrates an impressive ability to provide services to a large number of clients despite having very limited personnel and resources. They conveyed a genuine appreciation for all our efforts and the incredible work we are performing.  Congratulations to all the Professionals and Staff of CSSUP for their hard work and dedication to serving those in need!