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1. In order to protect the confidentiality of the person served, Catholic Social Services of the U.P.’s policy, in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, no information will be released to any party without the written permission of the person served. With person served release authorization, specific information may be released as documented on the appropriate Agency forms. Information may be withheld, however, if it is determined that the information may be damaging to the person served. Decisions of this nature will be made with the approval of the Executive Director and consultation with the Agency counsel.

2. There are exceptions to release of information without direct person served authorization under certain circumstances. These are:

a. In the event of the person served disclosure of child abuse or neglect behaviors. This needs to be reported to the Michigan Family Independence Agency
b. In the event a person served discloses the intent to do serious harm to him or herself or another person.
c. When a person served has committed a crime on the Agency grounds and this has been reported to law enforcement.
d. When a proper court order has been obtained from a court of law.