Alpha Omega Recovery House in Escanaba

CSSUP Re-entry Recovery Services.  We nearly doubled the number of men served in our Alpha Omega Houses in 2018.  CSSUP provided 49 men with 2,331 days of care in 2018.  The demand for recovery housing does not appear to be slowing down and support from Iron Mountain and Escanaba has been overwhelming and inspiring.  We recently received NorthCare grant funding for a part time manager.  The part-time manager gives each house manager the opportunity to take a day or two off each week.  The new Alpha Omega House in Escanaba which opened in January 2018, is receiving numerous referrals and is at or near capacity daily. We are blessed to serve so many in need, and have an opportunity to help them feel the love of Jesus in a supportive living environment.  With this opportunity we see our residents  begin to live again in recovery and contribute to their community.

Go with God my Brothers!


Young Mom Chooses Life

Recently a young mother sent a note thanking one of our therapists for helping her to work through an unplanned pregnancy. Because of this counselor’s compassion and guidance, the young mom decided to give birth. Her letter tells of the joy that the 6-month old has brought into her life. Here is part of her letter:

“He called me ‘mama’ a few days ago!! He’s a chunker, 22 lbs. at 6 mo. old! I’m still breastfeeding and he’s healthier than ever. I couldn’t have asked for more. So often I can’t believe this is real. I feel like the luckiest girl alive! I can’t tell you how good it was for me to talk to you…thank you so much…from the bottom of my heart. Please use my story for other girls if it will help!”

Letter of Thanks

I walked into the counselor’s office full of doubt and unsure why I was trying to get help again. I remember that first day spent reviewing my own health history, my eating habits, drug and alcohol abuse etc. I was lucky enough that time to have met a counselor who cared and had enough time to pay attention to every detail. I was internally screaming out for help. He helped me help myself heal almost immediately, but it was only the beginning of unraveling the pain and self-doubt of 33 years of abuse and the tragic event that started it all. I was able to move forward breaking free to a new me, one that had always been there but never able to be. He helped me become the person I always wanted to become.