Michigan Names Foster Care Worker of the Year, Diane Tryan of Catholic Social Services of the UP

At a special ceremony on November 5, 2015, State Court Administrator Milton L. Mack, Jr., presented award statues as Michigan Foster Care Review Board Program Manager Jim Novell read a summary of outstanding attributes of each awardee listed below. The award ceremony was part of the Foster Care Review Board’s Annual Training Conference in Lansing. Congratulations to all!

Foster Care Worker of the Year: Diane Tryan, Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula, Escanaba, was nominated for her 12 years of outstanding work as a foster care and adoption caseworker, as well as her recent work as a foster care and adoption supervisor. She possesses a tireless work ethic with a positive energy that inspires others around her. She has an impeccable reputation among the professionals and clients she interacts with and is deemed invaluable by her agency, the children and families she has served, and the new caseworkers she has trained. She remains instrumental in addressing critical needs within her community, both as a victim’s advocacy counselor for the Diocese of Marquette and through her involvement with the Suicide Prevention Task Force in Delta County.

Diane Tryan is Michigan’s Foster Care Worker of the Year!!!!

Diane Tryan was notified today that she has been selected by the State of Michigan as the Foster Care Worker of the Year. Diane Tryan has always combined a tireless work ethic with a positive energy that inspires others around her. Diane has served Catholic Social Services of the UP for over 17 years. During this entire period, Diane brought an incredible energy everyday which made all of us take notice, step up and work harder to support those we serve. Diane originally served as a therapist but transitioned to energize our child welfare and foster care program. Diane later took over as the Adoption and Foster Care Supervisor in 2011. Since then the size of our foster care and adoption program grew significantly due to Diane’s efforts and spirit. Under Diane’s leadership as Supervisor, CSSUP’s adoption and foster care programs went from managing a few foster care cases and completing approximately two adoptions per year, to the thriving, robust program it is today. Diane is also a dedicated agent of mercy serving those who suffer in silence and are in the most need of our support. Diane has provided exemplary service as the Victims Advocacy Counselor for the Diocese of Marquette for the last two years.

Additionally, Diane accepted the new role of Clinical Director at CSSUP six months ago. She accepted this position not because she wanted it, but because CSSUP needed a Clinical Director. She embraced her new position with the same positive energy and work ethic she has always demonstrated. As a result of Diane’s efforts our clinics are operating more efficiently than ever and the work environment remains warm and comforting to all who enter our doors. Despite her additional responsibilities as Clinical Director, she continued to coach teach and mentor a new child welfare team. Diane also helped transition the leadership of our child welfare team which has become a model of efficiency under the leadership of Mary Sparapani.

Diane will be formally recognized by the State in Lansing on 5 November.

Please take a moment to congratulate Diane and pray for her work and her family.

Council On Accreditation (COA) Re-Accredits CSSUP Programs through the year 2022

The staff spent the last several months preparing and submitting the evidence about the organization prior to the visit by the Accreditation team. Detailed descriptions of all of our programs, personnel, practices, policies and procedures were submitted a month prior to the visit. The information submitted was called the self-study evidence. The preparation for re-accreditation process was extensive. The accreditation process culminated with a series of on-site inspections and interviews which were conducted in November 2018.  The on-site review team revealed that CSSUP is a very strong organization that has experienced significant change over the past few years. The organization is made of people who are clearly committed to providing a valuable and rewarding service to their clients. The organization is also very innovative and demonstrates an impressive ability to provide services to a large number of clients despite having very limited personnel and resources. They conveyed a genuine appreciation for all our efforts and the incredible work we are performing.  Congratulations to all the Professionals and Staff of CSSUP for their hard work and dedication to serving those in need!