“Whatever thou doest, offer it up to God and pray it may be for His honor and glory.” – St. Teresa of Avila

Foster Care Case Manager

Responsible for the placement and supervision of children in foster care and/or pre-adoptive homes.  Social Services workers will work directly with the children, their biological parents and families, foster families, courts and service providers and be primarily responsible for the development, implementation and review of service plans for the children and their families.

Other responsibilities may include:  Successfully completing Child Welfare Training Institute, following DHHS policy and licensing rules for foster family homes and foster family group homes for children, maintaining foster child files, foster home files and adoption files as required by DHHS policy and Licensing Rules for Foster Family Homes and Foster Family Group Homes for children.  Provide social services to the pre-adoptive child, legal family, pre-adoptive family and foster parents.  Completing mandated reports and documentation in the time frames specified in the Foster Care and Adoption contract.  Providing adoption training and social services to pre-adoptive and adoptive families.  Possess the ability to effectively manage time to meet the agency and contract expectations.  Prepare for and attend court hearings as necessary.

Additional requirements:

  • Minimum BA in Social Work or related Human Services field
  • Previous experience in Child Welfare preferred
  • Pass a criminal and central registry background check
  • Strong and effective interpersonal, written and verbal skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Maintain a current state driver’s license
  • Available to travel
  • Access to legally licensed and insured vehicle at all times
  • Flexible availability
  • Maintain the confidentiality of clients and the agency
  • Follow guidelines of social work code of ethics
  • Proficient in basic computer skills
  • Strong organization, problem solving, decision making and liaison skills
  • An awareness and sensitivity of the particular cultural aspects of the population in the U.P. including children, the elderly and Native Americans.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned

JOB LOCATION:  Iron Mountain, MI

Send completed job application to:

Mary Sparapani / Catholic Social Services of the U.P. / 427 S. Stephenson, Ste. 215 / Iron Mountain, MI /49801   OR

email to:msparapani@cssup.org


You may download an employment application, or pick up in person at one of our office locations.

**CSSUP works diligently to ensure UP individuals and families in need do not go unserved. We are operating at maximum capacity to protect children and build UP families. Our efforts are coordinated, efficient and demonstrate good stewardship. We are postured and prepared to adjust to our changing environment including expanding our services to meet increased demands in more communities. CSSUP serves as a shining example of God’s work throughout the UP. Read our code of ethics. **

CSSUP Key Tasks:

  • • Nurture, stabilize and strengthen UP families and communities as they struggle with grief, loss, depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma.
  • • Protect vulnerable children and build strong families through our child welfare, foster care and adoption services.
  • • Perform as good stewards of the resources provided to us and set an example of efficiency within the Diocese.
  • • Promote the teachings of the Catholic Church in our words and deeds.
  • • Continue to improve and develop as an organization and maintain the ability to adapt to our changing environment.
  • • Take care of the CSSUP team and their families by fostering a safe, productive work environment that promotes selfless, dedicated service.