Welcome to Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula

Our mission: Working in the spirit of God’s universal love, our mission is to nurture, stabilize, strengthen, and advocate for the diverse families of the Upper Peninsula community.

Catholic Social Services of the UP provides compassion and hope through our counseling services and child and family services.

Our counselors help over 1,600 people and their families annually struggling with depression, mental illness, or struggling with substance abuse. Improving their ability to help their family and their community while avoiding risky behaviors. This not only helps improve lives but also helps those families improve their ability to contribute to society. Our counselors help clients feel better; break the destructive cycle of addiction; provide symptom relief from mental health issues; identify functional impairments and work to increase overall level of ‘functioning’ in their life. They strive to instill a renewed sense of hope and improved overall sense of wellbeing. Our counselors provide counseling/therapy services to people of all ages and all walks of life and are licensed with the State of Michigan.

Additionally, we protect vulnerable children and build families through our child welfare, foster care and adoption services. Our Child Welfare workers spend many hours on the road conducting family visits in an effort to ensure the children are being raised in a safe, nurturing homes. We also make every effort to teach and mentor young parents who are struggling with unemployment, addiction or just never had a positive parent role model in their lives to teach them how to be a parent.

With your support we can continue to provide care with dignity and instill hope to all we serve. Your compassion and donations serves those we serve every day.

You have my most sincere gratitude,

Kyle A. Rambo
Director, CSSUP

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Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

COA’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of standards and quality improvement is designed to identify providers that have set high performance standards for themselves and have made a commitment to their constituents to deliver the highest quality services. COA is proud to recognize Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula as one of these outstanding organizations.

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