Young Mom Chooses Life

Recently a young mother sent a note thanking one of our therapists for helping her to work through an unplanned pregnancy. Because of this counselor’s compassion and guidance, the young mom decided to give birth. Her letter tells of the joy that the 6-month old has brought into her life. ...

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From the Director


The intent of this website is to provide greater awareness of the services we provide. While the economy has rebounded for some, things have gotten worse for far too many of our fellow citizens in the Upper Peninsula. We will continue to attempt to support all those who come through our doors in need, however, the demand for our services continues to increase along with the costs to provide those services. On behalf of the Upper Peninsula families who have been made stronger from your support, I thank you. Your gifts help support those families who cannot afford the needed services we provide.

Please feel free to provide your feedback on the information you find or think we should include to further improve our site. Catholic Social Services of the UP takes great pride in selflessly serving people in need. We strive to nurture, stabilize and strengthen UP families and communities and your continued support helps us provide hope to so many.
Thanks for helping us serve as a shining example of God’s Love throughout the UP.

Kyle A. Rambo
Executive Director, CSSUP